Psychological Assessment & Diagnosis


As a Clinical Psychologist, I have training in the assessment and diagnosis of major mental illnesses and psychological problems.

Through my training, I am qualified to provide expert opinion in clinical and compensation areas.



As a Clinical Psychologist I am trained in the delivery of a range of techniques and therapies with demonstrated effectiveness in treating mental health disorders.

I hold particular skills for  applying psychological theory and scientific research to solve complex clinical psychology problems requiring individually tailored interventions. This is another reason the practice is called, 'Signature Psychology'.

Psychological Coaching


Psychological coaching focuses on the positive aspects of our life; similar to positive counselling. Psychological coaching does not focus on the irrational, negative, and dysfunctional aspects of life. Psychological Coaching is specific and goal-oriented. Much like sports coaching, psychological coaching focusses on individual or group strengths and abilities that can be used in new, adaptive and different manners to improve our performance. 

This coaching assists you to feel better about yourself, significantly improve life transitions, better manage 'life challenges', achieve important goals, improve  success across a number of areas and positively increase the quality of your personal and professional life.

Next Steps...

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