Welcome to Signature Psychology

I am a caring Clinical Psychologist who provides a high quality therapy, counselling, psychological coaching service. My sensitive and highly effective approach to therapy is guided by current thinking and clinical research and is specifically tailored to your individual needs and goals. This is why I call the practice: 'Signature Psychology'.

Acknowledging that you are experiencing problems and making the decision to see a Clinical Psychologist to talk about your issues may seem overwhelming.

I understand that you may feel reluctant to talk about personal issues with a stranger, but at the end of the first session, those who have come to see me typically report how helpful it has been.

I am skilled in remaining objective, which can be difficult at times for some well-meaning family or close friends. I am highly trained in the specialist area of mental health and can help you in exploring and understanding the factors leading up to and maintaining your problems.

I help my clients learn effective ways of coping, and to make changes to reduce your distress and improve your well-being.

Why Choose me?

I am a registered with the Psychology board of Australia as a Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist with a Bachelor of Psychology, Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Psychology

Expertise in Adolescent, Adult, Older Adult and Couples Therapy

Evidence based treatments

Mature age male therapist

Medicare rebates available

Open after hours

Free parking in a convenient location


What are the benefits of seeing a Clinical Psychologist

Enhance your emotional well-being

Manage your mental health difficulties

Improve the way you think, feel, and interact

Live in the present

Create a rich and meaningful life

Gain satisfaction from life

Promote emotional well-being

Understand your Self

Promote/enhance your strengths

Create an opportunity for personal growth

Reduce your distress

Improve your quality of life

Feel confident that our service is confidential and professional

Since 1993

Next Steps...

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